Scientific Services

We provide a range of scientific services to industrial and academic clients at competitive rates, especially in polymer mass spectrometry. Service measurements are conducted by specialized scientists. In addition to measurements also interpretation of the results can be performed.

Please contact Prof. Barner-Kowollik for enquiries.

Mass Spectrometry

Thermo Fisher Q-Exactive Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer ESI-MS with SEC Hyphenation

Ideal for the detection of polymer end-groups, functionality and composition of e.g. copolymers. ESI-SEC allows for the analysis of samples with high molecular weights (up to 50.000 g·mol-1).
The SEC/HPLC part is equipped with a RI and variable wavelength UV-detector. Due to its high accuracy and resolution the Orbitrap is also perfect for the identification and analysis of organic and biological molecules.


NMR Spectroscopy

Bruker Avance III Microbay 400 MHz

Multiprobehead allows a range of coupled measurement (COSY; DOSY, NOESY…), also at elevated temperatures.

Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) and Hyphenated LACCC-SEC

We provide six Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) systems on three solvents (Tetrahydrofuran (THF), water and dimethyacetamid (DMAc)) as well as a triple detection system (RI detection, MALLS, viscosimeter) with THF and hyphenated techniques such as LACCC-SEC.

Additional information and further equipment can be found here.


"I would like to thank you [...] for high qualitiy ESI mass spectra. Samples were processed very fast, and results were communicated immediately. I would recommend very highly your MS services to anyone who needs high quality work done promptly. Despite world class credentials of your group, your prices are very reasonable"

Pawel Rempala, Emerald Performance Materials